Product Details

Shellac is a natural bio adhesive polymer and is chemically similar to synthetic polymers, and thus can be considered a natural form of plastic. It can be turned into a molding compound when mixed with wood flour and molded under heat and pressure methods, so it can also be classified as thermoplastic.

Shellac is the source of Aleuritic acid. Shellac used as

  1. 1.Glazing agent
  2. 2.On coating pills and candies.
Because of its acidic properties (resisting stomach acids), shellac-coated pills may be used for a timed enteric or colonic release. Shellac is used as a 'wax'coating on citrus fruit to prolong its shelf/storage life. It is also used to replace the natural wax of the apple, which is removed during the cleaning process. India is the leading producer and exporter of shellac.